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Internet Speed Tweaks

Apply at your own risk. *I* use them and they work well. It's not my job to tell you that you are on your own. If you don't believe in it, oh well - the proof is in the pudding, and your mileage may vary. Why not check your speed before and after at DSL Reports?

The browser tweak allows your browser of choice to load pages a little faster by telling it to retrieve more data at the same time - 4 is better than 2. It can overload web servers though, and is outside the specifications for "normal" Internet operation.

The other patches optimize Windows for DSL and cable modems. For a complete explanation of what these do hop over to SpeedGuide and check out their write-up. If I ever have time I will do my own explanation but don't hold your breath.

Speed and Throughput Tests

Ready-made Registry Patches

Requires the use of the Registry Editor!
If you don't know what you are doing in the Registry, or even what it is, then DON'T DO IT. This tip is intended for users who are familiar with the Windows registry and tinkerers who don't mind an occasional "uh-oh" and rebuild.

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