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Sunday, December 30, 2001

I'm here and this is new nooz - should be a riot trying to learn to use this thingie.. Hopefully only Mark will access this stoopid message!

posted by Vera  12/30/2001 04:31:00 PM
More changes to the homepage. I promised to get the Photo Gallery up this weekend so I better get cracking. Hey, I added a few cute pictures here and there. There are other minor changes throughout the site - knock around a bit and see what you think. Most content right now is under my personal pages since I can't get the other Broges to write bios.

posted by Mark  12/30/2001 12:09:00 PM

Saturday, December 29, 2001

Today was Alysha's sixth birthday party, held at at Chuck E. Cheese. I had my reservations - both at the restaurant and mentally - about the bang for the buck. Several bucks later, I have decided that the kids all had a bang. And my wallet is now thin. That girl got more I used to worry that having a birthday right after Christmas meant getting shafted. Not my little girl's, at least. We all had fun, even this big kid.

posted by Mark  12/29/2001 05:55:00 PM

Friday, December 28, 2001

You know, my son has been on this Toy Story kick for so long now....and we just read one of the Toy Story books (the longest one I think) again....for the billionth time....time for that book to disappear ....and Toy Story used to be cute....

Got an email from sister Wiedwald wanting to know a) what the heck a boggle is and b) where are the pictures of the kids? The kids will return shortly in the Photo Gallery - when you see the link at the top of the screen then you'll know I got it presentable enough to post. There were just too many images on the homepage and scroll bars aplenty making it less than appealing to those with a modem and small screens. I promise I will think of those folks (because that's me at the office). Smile! Any ideas on how to make the homepage look better?

posted by Mark  12/28/2001 07:55:00 PM
For all two people that look at the homepage , you may have noticed a few changes....such as the homepage. There's now a nice little "nooz" section that will get frequent updates. Whatta pain that was to set up but I hope that it will be worth it. Check here for the latest scoop on all things Broge!

Today (yesterday, actually, this is way too late) was Alysha's 6th birthday. How did that happen? My little girl all grown up? Since her birthday party isn't until the 29th, two days later, I had to make a big deal out of this somehow. Grandma and Grandpa took her to "Bob Heavens" for lunch, and she got a cake and a few gifts today. I, in my infinite wisdom, purchased a pair of battery-eating RumbleBots for her and Adam to play with - man these things are fun to play with. I think Daddy needs his own 'bot to join in! Thanks to Joey for lighting the fire of inspiration there.

posted by Mark  12/28/2001 04:09:00 AM


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