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Monday, November 25, 2002

MAKE WAY! joey gomez and shawn bowler will be coming down to Cincinnati on Nov. 30th. we will be staying for most of the day if not the whole night, and will be leaving sunday morning. so be prepared! =)

posted by J  11/25/2002 04:12:00 PM

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

The Reaper Reminds MarkWell, where do I begin? First off, that extended birthday got extended again. I was visited by the Grim Reaper at Applebee's on Saturday night this past weekend. It was a visit to remind me that I would soon be his, but not quite yet. I had suspected Jer was up to something (hey Jer, that flimsy excuse about meeting Lisa for paperwork was bad). Thanks to Susan and my sister, there is a collection of pictures from that event available for your viewing pleasure. In attendance were my entire family, including every one of the kids (and mine were supposed to be with their mother that weekend, so for once I am glad she's a flake), Tom, Jer, Susan, Fred, Greg, Kelly, Scott, Mic, Lisa, and Kevin. Seeing you all was great...I will never forget it. I spied my sister with camcorder in hand and felt like Wile E. Coyote after he runs off a cliff....a few seconds and WHAMMO. Then all of a sudden I see Michelle, Scott...and it was a blut after that. Needless to say the patrons of Applebee's were quite shocked to see this horrendously tall creature looming over their dinner tables. Lisa, should you ever chance across this little piece of the Internet, I'm sorry that I didn't get to meet you. Perhaps I will get to thank you in person at some future time. And Greg, I gotta scan that card you gave me and add it to the gallery.

Get out the vote!Did you get out the vote today? If you didn't, what's your excuse? We live in a land where our votes actually mean something at the polls, if the last presidential election wasn't proof enough of that. I know that Jeff down in Atlanta didn't. Hey Jeff...good, I'm glad you didn't. It makes my vote mean more. At any rate this is my little soapbox for you US residents. I don't want to hear one whine from anyone who didn't cast their ballot, chads and all.

There are a lot of additions...OK, maybe not a lot, but dammit I worked my narrow white butt off getting the new photo galleries up for you to purvey. Links are in the top and side navbars, and also in the 'Recent Additions' section, so I'm not linking again in this little missive. Check 'em out! Halloween pictures, and the previously mentioned Reaper fellow. The homepage got a slight polish to, if you notice, I'll be surprised.

Sennheiser's HD-590 HeadphonesLast in the little news, I treated myself to a nice pair of Sennheiser HD-590 headphones in my never-ending quest for perfect sound, purchased from AudioDirect. Expensive, yah. But I have an ulterior motive, I'm building a home studio on this computer of mine, one piece at a time. I'm noting this here because these things sound so incredible, you won't believe your ears.

And, if you missed the Halloween themed page that graced here to see it. That's about it for now, but it's long winded enough as it was!!

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