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Sunday, January 26, 2003

Long delay getting nooz on the main page here. Sorry. I know you've all been waiting with baited breath (and I also have some prime real estate in upper Manhattan too). So many things and so little time to document it here. Let's start with today and work backwards.

Alysha is now officially toothless. The last one in the front finally gave up its perch to make way for its bigger brother, so she is snoozing peacefully and waiting for the tooth fairy to arrive. It was hell getting there, she had a bout with it bleeding a little tonight and was scared, but a popsicle resolved that pretty quickly. Adam still hasn't a loose tooth in his face and he's humoring it well, but I know he's waiting for this to happen to him too.

We got fresh snow today, a nice covering to that which was left on the ground - the temperatures haven't broken the freezing point in a while now, so the white stuff doesn't feel compelled to go anywhere as a result. The kids played in it for a while and I couldn't join in this time, due to the housework that needed tending. Clean clothes trump snow angels every time when you hit a certain age. They didn't stay out long, which I was surprised by, but that's OK.

Lastly, working backwards still, Jeremy Townsley is now proudly destroying his hearing (I bet anyway) with his newly installed speakers and CD unit in his car. He came by for some BS, a few Maker's and Cokes, and an install. The second-story man getup that he was wearing didn't scare the kids or the dogs, a good thing - but Jer, I have to recommend that you lose the skullcap next time. I know you have little hair but that's your own fault for not stopping the barber and his crazy razor! I need to move on now, so cheers to you all in cyberspace, and I promise to try and get back here before too much time passes. Don't hold your breath though, you might pass out from lack of oxygen.

posted by Mark  1/26/2003 10:50:00 PM


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