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Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Yet another long pause before getting any nooz up here....and I'm not going to stick around this time either, for long, just letting you all know that the video page finally exists. It's all Wiedwald videos for now, because I didn't post anything else and Maria would have kicked me arse if I didn't follow through and put the stuff up that she emailed me. I offered after all.

For you hard and alt rock fans, I highly recommend that you grab a copy of the Audioslave debut. Very tasty sounds indeed, and it will grind you into the ground, so if hard stuff isn't what you like then look for Barry Manilow instead. More soon, yeah right, I say that all the time, but really. Seriously. I will get around to it. I swear.

posted by Mark  2/12/2003 10:18:00 AM


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