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Monday, March 03, 2003

Today's rant: airport security. If you've not travelled the airlines since the falling of the WTC buildings, you're lucky. In the course of all the training I have been participating in Sunny Atlanta GA, I've been on a lot of flights. In the process, I've had some tools removed from my laptop bag (tell me why ethernet cable crimpers are dangerous please?), had to remove my shoes, and discovered a lot of inconsistency in how searches are handled. Smaller terminals/airports are a problem, folks. I don't feel more secure, just more inconvenienced. TSA agents LOVE laptop bags. Or at least they sure seem to love mine, checking all the little pockets over and over, re-scanning it....but it's either that or put a lot of miles on my car to travel to our Atlanta office, which I'm not interested in doing.

I haven't posted anything new on the site recently due to all the travel and the chaos it's caused in my life. I do hope to get some interesting things up soon. If you didn't know, I've spent three of the last six weeks of my life in Hotlanta in training, which has really made my life interesting at home. I've spent the off weeks catching up with all the things that have to wait in my absence, but since this is my last foray into class for the foreseeable future, I may actually get caught up and (GASP!) have time to do the little things that have had to wait. Little, like updating the website to keep it interesting.

Currently in the CD player: Transplants/Diamonds and Guns, Audioslave/Gasoline, Hoobastank/Crawling in the Dark, Tantric/Astounded, Joe Satriani/Devil's Slide, Big Wreck/That Song, The Watchmen/Absolutely Anytime - all in no particular order. :)

posted by Mark  3/03/2003 02:20:00 PM


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