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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Cute as a buttonSo long since I have been here, and so many things to say have I. Let me start at the beginning.

First, I want to welcome Darcie to the Broge clan, the newest member of our beloved pets. Sister Kate's beloved Nicholas passed away a few months ago, and as always it leaves a hole in your heart. I knew that she wanted a black baby to come to her home, and whilst shopping at Jack's pet shop for some fish goodies, my daughter Alysha spied this little ball of black fluff in the front of the store. Alysha loves animals of all kinds, and true to form wanted one of the kittens she had seen. My mind went to work and I went to the senior Broge's to lay this idea on them (I had wanted to get Kate a black kitten for some time). Mom hedged, Dad said "let's get it then." So off we went. Darcie spent the afternoon at the household of Mother and Father Broge with her new mommy before going home to meet Daphne. Those who don't know Daphne, let me just tell you that you should feel sorry for Darcie. Evidently they are now cohabiting somewhat nicely, staring at each other from across the room. I will have more pictures of this little bundle of love on the site shortly, the link will be here when they're ready.

Last night, I went to Riverbend, an outdoor music venue with my friends Jeremy and Scott. Jeremy has a weakness for 80's hair metal bands and talked Scott and I into going (sorry Brenda couldn't make it, pout). We got soaked on the way in by torrential rain, which abated until the end of the show, when we were soaked once again in our mad dash to my car. It was a good time, thanks for inviting me Jer - too bad those $1.00 ponchoes I bought didn't do all that much to keep us dry.

Soon, the end of school for my kids and all kids in this part of the world. Joey should be a free man about the time this goes online, congrats dude! Now you get to find out just what studying really is!

posted by Mark  5/29/2003 05:26:00 PM


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