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Friday, June 06, 2003

Joey's 2003 Mustang THE MUSTANG HAS i just need mark to hook me up with my own photo gallery for it, ive got a bunch of pictures..dont mind the dirt, it rained the entire time i brought it home, which was a 45 minute drive home..

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

well it is finally here! i am no longer forced into an attempt to become a brain dead conformist member of todays society.....i graduated!! well..thursday was my last day of high school (ever), and this thursday, june 5th, is my graduation ceremony...i'll be sure to open up another picture gallery here as soon as the ceremony ends.. Heres an update of Joey's life...other than graduating, i have moved, to livonia, michigan.. ive been here for about 1 month and its no "home" of course i have my own bathroom and room in the basement which is killer, but its not my room of 17 years back in redford...umm.. i have 4 turtles now, i used to have 5, but one passed a few days ago and a few more may be on their of them will be up soon now that i have the time... Saturday i test drove a 2003 mustang, tomorrow morning (wednesday june 4th) im taking it home, im very very very happy, its a nice jump from a 1995 ford contour with over 140,000 miles.. pictures will be up of this once i bring it home.. v6, 5-speed, likes me likes!!... im trying to think of a weekend to make the trip to cinncy again...hopefully shawn will join me.. if not, im gonna try to bring the girlfriend (of over 1 year!!) with me, but parents like to rain on girlfriend is just the coolest, she does everything for me (including buying me 2 turtle hatchlings) and she is very excitied since im picking her up from school tomorrow in her favorite car (my new stang!!)..thats basically the low down on my life as of late.. all my college classes are done, and all my high school is done..i'll try to have more updates and pictures as soon as i can...hey people in cinncy, call me once in a while!! (KT)...i'll try to have pics up by the weekend!! later all

posted by J  6/04/2003 12:09:00 AM


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