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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Mellencamp and Fogerty! Man, the place was PACKED!!

I won't lie, one of the great fringe benefits to working in radio are the concerts and shows. John Fogerty and John Mellencamp live at Riverbend, what an excellent show! It was hotter than hell out there, 94 and we were on the blacktop too. Since I was there with Warm 98, it made for some trite yet funny jokes. I drank over three gallons of water and never once had to hit the restroom. In fact, I sweated so much that I had salt stains on my shirt. Youch!! We also had the pleasure of meeting John Fogerty's little girl Kelsey, what a little sweetheart she is.

Please, please, please, if you are one of the folks that go to radio station tents and beg for free stuff...knock it off, willya? It's pretty sad how many people come asking if you "have any free stuff." Sure, that's what we're there for but at least be more subtle about it. Anyhoo...Fogerty played just about every hit he ever wrote for CCR and solo. He came back onstage and did two songs with Mellencamp, a very special treat. Special thanks to Dawn Michaels for taking care of Amber and I by giving us thirteenth row pavilion seats.

Saturday was a hot one too, and my first time out doing remotes for the Star. The upshot here is that each stop was for two hours and we were only outside on the first one. It was a trial by fire; I had to hustle to get everything done right but we beat the buzzer and everything went off really well. Oh yeah, the Marti van has great A/C in it too, so the sweating wasn't as profuse. There were a lot of happy people, we even had a woman at the Toby Keith drawing who labor. That's dedication!

The night was just as good, Am and I went down to the Shadowbox Cabaret with some friends and watched a hilarious show. These people worked their asses off...highly recommended!! The band was incredible, and the skits were great. I will definitely be going back! I really can't begin to tell you how cool the show is, you just need to get on down there and check it out for yourself. That is, if you are close enough to Cincinnati to go...

That's it for now, kids. Have a good one!

posted by Mark  6/26/2005 07:11:00 PM

Friday, June 17, 2005

...breaking news...breaking news...

I've been asked to take on a part time position at 96 5 the Star!! w00t! Thanks to Temple for the call, I'm really excited about this new position!!

posted by Mark  6/17/2005 05:21:00 PM


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