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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Having accessed Blogger, I find that two of our offspring are busy with nonsense....KT being the more fortunate in that she has an "xtra" day for her weekend - and what a weekend it will surely be! But Mark? GRANDAUTOTHEFTIII? Sounds like you wouldn't even WANT snow for such an undertaking. Hint: pictures of offspring and grandchildren are preferred over titles and such as that. Cats and dogs wanted to send you a special hello so, bar-owwwww......or perhaps meee-ark? Whatever, they seem to be enjoying their vacation from the itty bitties. Uncle Phil is now sending and receiving mail tho we have received naught from him; both he and Uncle Jimmie have been accused of both disowning and disinheriting their youngest sister since a paucity of mail has been received from those directions. He (UP) has been approved for the special hearing device and will undergo surgery early next month to have a screw inserted into his head! Interesting news about trailer trash today, thanks for the update. Gonna wish you a goodnight here - oh, hope the snow was of little depth and decent weather soon returns to the lush OV. Later..... MU

posted by Vera  1/20/2002 10:49:00 PM

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