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Wednesday, January 16, 2002

The Town Watch finds my character beaten and robbed....and mad as hell!Seems I've been chastised for the lack of new information on the homepage. You can all blame the fact that I have been sitting in front of the newly-acquired PlayStation 2 hacking monsters in dungeons. I haven't played games in a while and this has been quite a release while doing loads of laundry. That's also why I haven't gotten the promised photo gallery online....OK, part of the reason, the other being that I go from dawn till dusk and when the kids go to bed I have avoided the computer in lieu of Stephen King and the PlayStation.

Kate's dog, Sir Barkley, has been a close pal of mine recently. Jade, my fat pooch, has seen fit to start getting into the trash. Guess she felt that someone needed to fill Wagner's shoes in his absence. Tomorrow brings Scarbutt, Fatso and Frisbee Girl (Declan, Astro and Misty) for a weekend stay. And I thought my bed was crowded already. Sigh. Scarbutt won't know what to do without his basement, but should he attempt to pilfer food from my kids, he will be right at home in another basement.

posted by Mark  1/16/2002 04:26:00 PM

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