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Wednesday, January 23, 2002

Well, this will be a short update - seeing as Alysha has developed some type of illness this evening. No details but let's just say I was convinced that it was not a ploy. Had a visit from Jer and Susan this evening to talk geek, since Jeremy is interested in building a computer. I have also run low on Beast Chow so they are getting what I have a bag full of....Kibbles and something or other. They don't care. They were spoiled this evening with the yolks from several boiled eggs, a Snausage and a whiff of cheese. Just don't tell Dave. Declan has behaved and has only challenged me a few times but he responds to decisive verbiage and no Draconian measures were called for. Damn he's a pig though. Oh, and mum, that's Grand Theft Auto III, not Grand Auto Theft. At least the kids are in bed when I play it. It's not a nice game like Spyro. I will see what I can do about accomodating your "hint" for pictures (hint my rear end).

posted by Mark  1/23/2002 11:30:00 PM

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