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Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Hey all, long time no post or update my part of this site!! anyways, whats new with y'all?... i also saw spiderman, on sunday, and no not with kiddies :) .. i saw it with a female friend (my love) jessica.. we both enjoyed the movie, and yes, we payed attention!!......most of the time...ANYWAYS! yea, it was a really good movie, even if you werent a marvel fan from age 4 ::looks around, who me?:: you'll still understand the movie...even if he made the web shooters!!! in the movie (this isnt a spoiler dont worry) but the web comes out of his wrists, when in the comics he built it...yea yea i need a life ive been told that many times..soon i'll have resident evil for gamecube which involves taking flashbangs and sticking them in zombies mouths and then after it goes off you take out ur gun and...yea you get the point :) that and jessica will soon be taking up all my time...but dont fret i'll still get to this site sooner or later, i have a whole bunch of text and pictures in a folder labled "my junk for" so its ready, i just gotta get off my butt and post it...anyhow, enough from me, keep checking my webcam on here, there will be newer stuff soon, i so promise...later all, go see spidey and rent resident evil (if you are over 18)...if you dont have gamecube, break the system you have and go buy cube, you'll thank me :)

posted by J  5/07/2002 06:15:00 PM

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