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Friday, May 10, 2002

Lessee.....major updates to the site. For me it's major. Check out the Recent Additions in the bottom right for quick links. You can see what it looks like in the workplace, you can check out my latest project with the car, and there's a new bit up for Windows XP users. The tips are slow comin' but I've made more progress in the last few days than I have in MONTHS! Besides, it's free. All three people that read this blog will get a lot of mileage I'm sure.

Friday, actually today, Alysha gets to go to the cafeteria with her Kindergarten class to prepare for next year and she is charged. Funny how that happens, in a few years she's going to wish she was out of school and these things won't be so exciting. I'm as excited as she is; her enthusiasm is contagious.

Oh Michelle, should you drop by here (and bring my readership to four people) I'm going to harass that round out of you the next time we all go to Pelican's Reef. I have your guilt in me out Jer...

posted by Mark  5/10/2002 01:25:00 AM

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