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Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Monday night here and an update before I crawl into the bed behind me. Over the weekend, I managed to get to Star Wars Episode II with some friends (one of whom can be found extensively where the Mullets lie). 'How was it' is the first thing everyone asks followed closely by 'I heard that it....' I won't say much about the first other than it was fully what I expected, and more, amazed me, took me to the movie fantasyland that I like to journey to, and didn't suck in any way shape or form. If you 'heard' from someone, decide for yourself.

Nothing definitive yet, but the site may get a fairly massive makeover soon. The current design of these pages was tossed together piece by piece and as has taken shape, I've had a slightly different vision that I want to see. Plus, even though there isn't a ton of content here yet, it's getting hard to add to it and keep it manageable, and if there's one thing I need it's fewer excuses for laziness.

Last update: onward Vapor Trails! We have tickets to see Rush at Riverbend....although we did discuss tunneling in. If you have some spare Ramen noodles, Scott R. could really use them... :D

posted by Mark  5/21/2002 01:01:00 AM

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