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Saturday, July 20, 2002

Two months is a long time between updates. I won't try to cover it all here, but I've been inundated with computer problems (a power outage took out my old motherboard) and that forced me out of commission at home for a little over a week. I now own an Epox 8KHA+ mainboard and it's incredible. For anyone reading this that likes to build PCs, this is a rock-solid board that excels at multimedia (I watch a lot of DVDs on here). All I needed was one good reason to replace the turd-of-an-Asus motherboard that I had before. And lastly on the technological front, the webcam shot is old because I need to get the webcam working again and I'm too lazy to mess with it. Soon, soon, I know you're waiting with baited breath.

Saturday, 7/21 is Lauren's birthday party, and she turns one. I just realized I don't have any decent pictures of her up here. I have a nice fresh stack sitting here waiting to be scanned. I procrastinate the scanning thing because it's really a pain in the if anyone knows of a good digital camera in the 3 megapixel range, please tell me why you like it.

posted by Mark  7/20/2002 01:08:00 AM

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