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Tuesday, July 23, 2002

well, let me fill you dying, or at least it feels like it, saturday night i came down with a 102 fever and pain everywhere...sunday morning i started to throw up so hard that my nose started to bleed (gross, i know) along with my 102/103 fever i was taken to st marys hospital to the emergency room..they look at me and go, youre too sick for here, lets rush you to urgent i go to urgent care where the dr there cant seem to figure out whats wrong with me and sends me home with a nose clearer up-er a day or so go by and im still sick...99.7 temp, sore sore throat, ears hurts, cant breathe outta nose, the whole nine i go to the doctors office today where i had blood work done..i may have an infected throat and on top of that i may have mono...he said to hope for mono because if it isnt, the swollen lymph nods in my neck may mean something else, which means i may have some crazy thing...and if they get any more swollen, or to the point where i cant eat, drink or breathe i have to go to the hospital so i can have an IV put in me for pain killers and to basically feed my body...i'll have to stay there until things clear my results come back thursday, and lets hope for mono since thats something that goes away and doesnt really require being poked and prodded with needles anymore...anyways, im going to go lay down, thought i would fill you in on my crappy later...-Joey

posted by J  7/23/2002 08:08:00 PM

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