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Tuesday, August 27, 2002

Adam started Kindergarten today, and Alysha made her debut in first grade. Since I don't have a digital camera yet the film will need developing for those interested. Adam got to go to Mrs. Collins' class, same as his sister...and he's reported that he loved it. He also told me that he didn't get into trouble once, an amazing feat for him (he could wear out the most energetic of parents and there's only one of me). Dumb daddy forgot to send Alysha's lunch - hey, I've never had to send a school lunch before but things change. Thanks to her teacher, Mrs. Davis, she was able to procure a lunch in the cafeteria and I think the memory of pizza allowed her to forgive me much more efficiently than my bumbling, blushing apology. All in all...a success.

In the course of trying to fix up what FrontPage munged up on the website, it appears that some of the formatting is skewered. Bear with me while I fix it, but as I am working on major plumbing changes it may take a bit of time. If it's really bugging you feel free to tell me about it but also be kind enough to tell me what page you're honked off about. Since Maria and Dave's PC is ailing and I am trying to play the healer, it could take even longer. Sometimes, technology sucks. And you really needed me to tell you that, didn't you?

In other news, I finished the Dark Elf Trilogy, an excellent series from R. A. Salvatore. I recommend it to anyone who is into fantasy. Tolkien the author isn't, but he's damned good in his own right and I loved the books. So much did I enjoy it that the IceWind Dale trilogy and the Legacy of the Drow Collection are on their way from Amazon. Harry Potter who?

Oh yeah...the webcam is still down for now. Oh shucks I hear you say (thank gawd is more like it probably). As a consolation prize, have a look at the Chronicles of George instead. I dug up this gem out of guilt (and if you believe that I have a bridge to sell you).

posted by Mark  8/27/2002 02:20:00 AM

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