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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

The ball is rolling....the clock is read this update while you can. Today is the official day of Change. is departing the services of Innerhost and moving to a new hosting service, iPowerWeb. That means a lot of things, really - it allows yours truly to bring forth a new version of this website that will be more interactive. Live newsfeeds. The ability to comment on posts to this section and forthcoming additions. Photo galleries that I have forever been promising. Message boards, if there's ever a need or interest (doubtful today but maybe not tomorrow). Really, it means a lot of new possibilities that will slowly be implemented over time. It also means that Kate gets a break on the bills, since the new host, with all of their features and support options, will cost roughly one third what we currently dish out. Joey, didn't I tell you I was working on the Next Big Thing? Start brushing up on your PHP skillz.

The final straw came when I contact Innerhost and asked if they supported PHP and MySQL and I got a "we're tech support, you need to send an email to the DB Admin." Excuse me? Tech support? That was more like the helpless desk. I wonder if Dolbey & Co. owns that useless department. Tech support should know what those two things are even if you don't! And the icing, 'you need to send an email....' - so he can't find someone that knows the answer, one of those DB Admins? Give us a break, buddy.

In other news, I got out to see Goldmember this weekend with Dad - great laughs for Austin Powers fans. Lots of good old fashioned crude slapstick and fun. Here's hoping that they don't make a fourth but that ending scares the shit out of me. Monday brought Maria's birthday and an afternoon/evening with her and her children. Lauren is now saying "hi" and "bye" and it sounds like the prettiest harp in Heaven. Happy birthday, Maria, belatedly and stuff. And I promise I will try to look into the printing problem that you're having!!

posted by Mark  8/21/2002 01:15:00 AM

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