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Friday, August 16, 2002

The webcam is stilll down for the time being if you didn't notice. :D I may get it fixed soon while I am working on the Next Big Thing, which is a revamp of the plumbing of this site. Should be mostly transparent to anyone who visits but I'm hoping to reap the benefits of better code - that means slightly faster page load times and so forth. Boring stuff for the non-technical. This will also make it easier for me to update things. I'm also looking at a few different angles for content management - there are a million solutions out there, and I don't know if I will design my own or attempt to plug in one of the many solutions I've looked at on the web. If you have any specific thoughts in this regard I would love to hear about them. This weekend I plan to live up to my geek reputation and get a lot of these things done, since my children will be with the Egg Donor. I intend fully for a lazy weekend because dammit, I deserve it!

posted by Mark  8/16/2002 03:55:00 PM

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