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Saturday, September 14, 2002

Back from my trip to Atlanta!! I have many pictures that will be forthcoming as soon as I can get them back. I still don't have a digital camera so it takes a bit of time to go through the development process, and I always order a CD along with it so I don't have to spend hours scanning, cropping, yada yada. You'd think that I would be smart enough to get a good night's sleep after working all day and then driving over 400 miles in the evening, but I'm not doing that yet....although I can feel it coming on like a ton of bricks. No children tonight, they are with TED (the uninitiated can wonder about that statement but many will know what I mean). Hey, my cats and my pooch were glad to see me. But I miss Guenhwyvar. ;)

Trillian .74's been released. So has Trillian Pro. What are you waiting for? Why haven't you gone pro? I donated because I liked it so much. To hell with four or five chat clients! Go get it now. I made converts out of a few people this week in Atlanta...Keely, Melinda and Robin come to mind, and I think Melinda got Loren to make the switch too. Brava! Even better, since Trillian is IRC-aware, we're all having fun with it.

Maybe now that I am back, I can finally fix the rest of this website. I have a strong suspicion that FrontPage is the reason that it's chewed up and not working correctly. This means that I am at a crossroads: shucking FrontPage after using it for a long time (which I plan to do at some point now), and fixing the current design with Dreamweaver, or just making it work tolerably while I work on the advanced version that will implement a database and content management system. I don't want to spend too many cycles fixing something that will be replaced, so if you think I need to get what is up here working first....please, please please let me know.

More later....after a good night's sleep. In my bed. It's good to be home.

posted by Mark  9/14/2002 02:14:00 AM

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