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Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Blue is coming THROUGH to a theatre near YOU I've been remiss. Alysha has lost a tooth, number three. The tooth fairy left her a dollar bill folded up like a paper airplane. That got a reaction that the tooth fairy (who was eavesdropping incognito the next morning) didn't expect. A very happy one. Both of the wee ones are doing well in school. Alysha reads voraciously - practically every printed word we encounter is pronounced and practiced. If that sounds don't know what you're missing. Pretty cool if you ask me.

Check out the Briar street theatre.Melinda claims that I am up late because I'm talking to "chicks from all over" and she may have a point. My argument is that I am trying to make a new entry in this little blog to give the appearance that I work on the site. Just kidding, I do have a lot of time invested and I confess to being lazy for the last two or three weeks. I fix it real good soon now y'all hear?

It won't be this weekend. I'm thrilled to announce: I'm going to see the Blue Man Group perform at the Briar Street theatre in Chicago with my friend Felicia. It promises to be excellent, this time in the fifth row. Raincoat territory. You can bet that I will be on here gloating about it after I get home Monday night. Mahaa! (don't bother looking that up at!) Hey Kevin: it's down to a matter of hours. }:->

posted by Mark  9/25/2002 11:49:00 PM

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