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Thursday, September 19, 2002

I've spent a lot of time scanning the last few days but not learning Dreamweaver. I'll get there, OK? Patience. The scanning has involved a lot of older photos from both my father and mother's sides of the family. Some of these date back to ca. 1910, so I do mean old and fragile. I'm really excited about this phase of the site's development. Although I haven't really fixed the other pages yet, I've decided that for the time being I will leave them that way while I work on some really cool things for you all. All 7 of you who look at the pages herein that is. ;)

Aunt Anne has made it home safely and appears to have enjoyed her visit thoroughly. She had brought along two photo albums on her visit, and I learned a lot about my Dad's family from her. I suspect Dad knows (I can tell you about it here because he forgets to check out the site...jab) and just never talked about it. He is now. So is Mom, in fact. Scanning in these photos and everyone looking at them, reminiscing, has been so wonderful. Mom and Dad are remembering, I am seeing things for the first time that give me a new perspective on my life.

More soon, the night grows late and I must rise tomorrow at a decent hour. Love to you all, my friends and my family.

posted by Mark  9/19/2002 12:46:00 AM

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