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Thursday, October 31, 2002

The Handspring Visor Pro.Happy Halloween!! That picture below? Might be hard to tell exactly what the hell I am supposed to be doing or looking like, but if Scooby Snacks mean anything to you....there's your explanation. This wig is really making my head itch, but it's fun and the kids loved the get-up this morning. I should have some pictures later tonight, if the digital gods cooperate.

I wanted to trumpet loudly just how incredibly cool my sisters, brother-in-law, and Tom are. Thanks to their collective efforts (and, one must assume, hard earned money), I am finally a proud owner of a PDA. A Handsrping Visor Pro, to be exact. Tom was consulted heavily for his expertise in gadgetry, and this is the model that was chosen on my behalf. I can't begin to tell you how absolutely incredible this device is, and how it has radically changed my life in the short time that I've owned it. The scheduling alone is worth every penny of their money. ;) Being the geek that I am it didn't take long - about five minutes I think - to get adjusted to this new toy/device/gizmo/wonder-gift. I've already been burning up the bandwidth downloading all kinds of Palm apps at and C|Net's download center. I find Virtual Cigarette particularly funny, if functionally useless. Good for sharing a health-risk-free cigarette with a colleague or after (virtual?) sex. Beam me up, it's a little program and worth sharing.

All in all this has been an extended birthday. A personal thanks to Jer, Adrienne, Steve Hobbie, Marcus Barici, Felicia (the cookie bouquet was EXCELLENT), and Denise, each of you put a smile on my face. I hope my family understands that my thanks to them are included in the package. :D I'm too lazy to actually send out thank you notes, but I think I told each of you individually, and I'm a techno-child so I thank people in a cyber kinda way. You guys rock!!

posted by Mark  10/31/2002 10:32:00 AM

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