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Tuesday, October 15, 2002


I haven't got a whole terrible lot to report today - but a nice new change for everyone: the search button over on your left, which should be available on all pages. If you are trying to find something, this should make it a lot easier. You may also notice that certain pages have a slightly bunchedtogetherlook because some carriage returns got chewed up. I'll be fixing that too, as time permits. And as always, there are some subtle under-the-hood changes to to make your browsing more enjoyable.

Aunt Anne and Mary have both let me know that they saw the new Clos galleries. My apologies to Helen, Terry and family - somehow their name became "Brown" on the dates page and that too has been fixed. It's always nice to know that you all are getting something out of this - the family history and things of that nature was one of the main reasons this site was founded to begin with. I'm hoping to have some very interesting data compiled by Henry E. Close Sr. posted soon. About the time I was a wee little two year old boy he did a lot of work in researching the Clos family history - most interesting of all is the possible permutations of the name Clos that exist in different areas. That's a teaser, for those interested in the history part.

Lastly, new photo galleries are due to arrive shortly of the France family, and if the gods are kind even some sub-sections for the Wiedwalds and myself. Now that I've got the photo template lookin' good (thanks to Macromedia and Dreamweaver) you should hopefully see more pix on the site. That time permits me to scan things!

posted by Mark  10/15/2002 11:28:00 AM

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