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Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Surprise! from the Senior Broge Maternal Unit. There is usually some sort of excitement going on in this household ; however I am at a loss to report anything "really new". Mark continues with his updates; were it not for him then Blogger would be an utter failure. I do wonder however, when the website will once again be available for popular viewing.....:anyone (ahem)" have an idea, Mark? Today has been a glorious Tuesday; beautiful weather, beautiful grandchildren, beautiful animals, and beautifully calm and will remain that way for about another hour and forty-five minutes - then the younger generation of will be due to return and those beautiful grandchildren I mentioned earlier will turn into not-quite-so-beautiful noisy children with need to vent their excess energy in some manner. KT and Maria are to meet for a mutual haircutting session at Leslie's place of continuing beauty and afterward will take the Weewald's to a fast food joint for dinner. Sounds like fun. Friday will be my chance to see all the Weewald's and the not-so-Weewald's and I am much looking forward to the encounter. Hank AKA Dad has a long standing date with the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra that evening and during the day will serve as interim meet-the-bus-and-deliver-to-the-sitter person. Tis time I must check freezer contents to see what arrangements can be made for dinner, a never ending challenge. How boring is this, anyway? No, don't answer - I don't really want to know! Adios for now, onward and downward to the basement and freezer. Later - VLB

posted by Vera  10/01/2002 05:23:00 PM

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