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Saturday, December 28, 2002

A few days after the fat man arriveth and the house is still a nut house. Alysha's party is tomorrow (even though this will be dated the 28th making it 'today') and I've been running around like a fool trying to prepare. But let me back up a step here. Christmas day was great....the kids were showered this year so no wonder I feel so damn broke. They got new bikes, a computer (a rebuilt one from my office that's great for their games), Adam got his coveted Mario, Alysha and Adam both are overwhelmed. We spent the morning here at Mom and Dad's and then off to Maria's for the evening, more unwrapping, and food of course. Stupid me, somehow my gifts to the Wiedwald kids were left at home so they get them tomorrow at the party. Tom joined us, which was nice - and effectively left me the only adult without a date. ;)

Now, this party thing. Today, the 27th, is Alysha's birthday. She wanted Pokemon as the theme first and after some talking agreed to Scooby (Pokemon is not hip anymore). Scooby is abundantly available so no problems there. All night I've been baking cake, cupcakes, and Scooby snacks....stuffing goody bags...and I'm still not quite done so no sleeping in tomorrow!! We don't know how many will be here for certain, since not everyone replied - but it should be OK, and I expected that anyway. We've got the pinata ready to be to be consumed....and some interesting games that should help things along. I may sound like I'm bitchin' about this (and I am) but it will be fun. And after it's over, look out sofa ;) here I come. For now, that's the little news - hope you all had great holidays with family and friends. Good night!

posted by Mark  12/28/2002 12:17:00 AM

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