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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Hey all, I have to tell you - the Two Towers is unbelievably good. Never in my life have I sat through a three hour movie and not lost interest....well, except for Lord of the Rings, but this is part of the same story. Yes, it's that good. The reviews are right. And there was a surprise, too - Strom Thurmond stars in the Gollum. :D I highly recommend that you get out and see this flick!

In slightly sadder news, Mr. Whiskers (my pictus catfish) jumped to his death sometime within the last 24 hours. I looked for him in the tank, and when I didn't see him moving about I got concerned. After some searching I found him, much drier than he should have been, behind the tank. Time for another trip to the pet store. I have to have a pictus in my tank. With any luck, I will get the section regarding the aquarium up tonight or within the next few days, and when the film comes back we'll see if my tricks for getting fishy pictures worked or not. Cya!

posted by Mark  12/19/2002 10:24:00 PM

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