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Monday, December 02, 2002

Joey and Shawn have suddenly taken a backseat to this congratulatory announcement to Mary and Yogesh: a warm welcome to Anisha Therese Sharma, born December 1 at 8:44am! Anisha weighed in at 7 pounds even and is 19 inches long. Her weight is exactly the same as her older sister, Anjali Mary's - but according to mommy/Mary, she looked completely different than Anjali when she arrived. Mary and Yogesh will be getting little sleep for the foreseeable future, but don't feel sorry for them, this is a happy moment!

Now, about this Joey and Shawn thing: this past Saturday saw the first visit to the southern climes by my cousins from up north. We (Joey, Shawn, and I) managed to get in a little grinding with Tony Hawk 4 on the playstation, and made the rounds - lucky guys even got to see my office. That was really just an excuse to go out and blast the stereo in the car. We also trundled off to the pet store so I could put Joey's expertise in aquaria to work, I needed fish. My tank has been completely revamped with a new undergravel filter and there were only four fishies in there. I had picked up some black Swordtails but they weren't very healthy so back they went, and now I have four serpae tetras and two upside-down catfish. Those little buggers are fun to watch, swimming around upside down. Sadly, Mr. Whiskers passed away Saturday, cause unknown, but he was about three years old. I was sad to see him go. One of his cousins will be joining the tank soon, because Pictus catfish are just waaaaay cool. Joey brought the camera but it didn't get many miles put on it...he better be sending what pictures he did take as soon as they are "developed."

We also got to take in the latest James Bond flick at the Milford cinemas. If you're into action, or Bond, this is a recommended viewing. Lots of action, and Rosamund Pike is quite the babe too. I know that doesn't appeal to the ladies but no one reads this blog anyway. Too bad The Two Towers wasn't out when Shawn and Joey got here, but Bond wasn't a bad runner up. I actually don't remember whose idea it was to go see it, I think Shawn mentioned it first - he's getting the credit here anyway, so that's what counts. It's definitely a Bond movie: women that you will never bne lucky enough to date, stunts that are so fantastic only Bond could pull them off, and Pierce Brosnan is arrogant enough to convince you that he is indeed the debonair 007.

Santa's coming everyone....have you been good? Alysha finished her Santa list, and Adam's will be coming soon enough (like tonight), and I personally have had my fill of shopping malls full of people. But since I am not completely broke yet, I will have to brave the elements again. Ho, ho, ho. Cya!

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