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Sunday, February 19, 2006

As a favor to a friend, I've finally gotten around to encoding and uploading the music video our group produced while I was attending class at the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. I don't make a personal appearance (unless you count my guitar and hands in certain places) but I did the all of editing and most of the directing. Smug perhaps, but I consider this project my baby after all the time I personally put into it. So that, friends, is why there is a video window in this post. Watch away and spill your comments if you're so inclined.

posted by Mark  2/19/2006 07:43:00 PM

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I've added my own music choices to my, erm, MySpace profile. Fortunately, since I have my own website, I can stuff MP3s of my choosing and stream them however I want. If you're interested in doing something similar, I will share the information - but fair warning, it involves a little bit of advanced work in HTML coding and you will need someplace to store your music for it to work.

Here's the basics: paste the following code into your profile somewhere (I chose Interests to make the player appear on the left side. Position it where you want, here's the code to paste in:

That allows for one song, if you change the YOUR MUSIC URL HERE to something such as I went a step further since I wanted to play more than one song in succession.

To do this, create an ASX file. Open Windows Notepad and slap the following example - here's a sample:

You can have as many ENTRY fields as you like with individual files. When you're done, save the file with the extension ASX. (If you need help, get in touch with me). Put the ASX file on the website hosting your music and use that as YOUR MUSIC URL HERE. Now, when people visit your page, they will hear the music you've chosen.

Perfect for control freaks and those who like choices. I'm both.

posted by Mark  2/15/2006 07:32:00 PM
Will someone please tell me what it is about women and concerts? While working the Dierks Bentley pre-party this past Sunday at the Cincinnati Gardens, I couldn't help but laugh more than once at the number of girls who came to the show in 30 degree temps with not only no jacket, but miniskirts and more than a few sleeveless shirts. So again, explain to me please, why do women do this? You don't come across as a gorgeous babe, more like someone who prefers to "look good" and isn't smart enough to dress appropriately for current weather conditions. I'm sure that I hold the minority view here, but I still find it laughable. No doubt there were plenty of guys who would have been interested in warming these fools after the show. Cough, cough.

Also this past weekend, I was honored to be a part (albeit a small one) of the Warm 98/96.5 the Star Cares for Kids Radiothon. There was no way that you could not be touched - even the hardest of hearts - by the stories that former patients and parents shared there. Collectively $351,520 was raised in our community to benefit this world-class children's hospital. I was there in fourth grade, many moons ago, and the care was as good then as it is now. Kudos to everyone who was a part of this incredible fundraising event.

posted by Mark  2/15/2006 05:31:00 PM

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Oh, I dunnit now. For some stupid reason, I went and created a profile. It's really cynical and makes no sense, since what little free time I have for such things tends to go into this here website. I didn't send out a single invite and I really don't care, but I admit my curiosity is piqued. Let's see who notices. I hate going along with fads but I love posting snotty comments elsewhere on the web, so what the hell. What's become of me? What's next, Friendster? GAAAAH! Somebody shoot me before I start listening to pop music.

posted by Mark  2/01/2006 04:26:00 AM


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