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Monday, May 27, 2002

This weekend's been quite the busy one. Where to start....where to start.....I guess Friday with the Chinese buffet at the Sizzling Wok. Saturday dawned to picking up Kate's car from Maac-over and a busy day of errand running with mostly me and the kids. We also planted Alysha's lima beans that sprouted. These things hold the key to halting hair loss - they grow like mad, it's been incredible watching these things grow.

Sunday was an adventure at CostCo. I must be getting old because I quite enjoyed breezing through there for the first time and feeling like I should make the most of my $45 membership. Tomorrow's a cookout and certainly some carwashing. I aim to make it rain }:> There, I said it.

posted by Mark  5/27/2002 01:38:00 AM

Tuesday, May 21, 2002

Monday night here and an update before I crawl into the bed behind me. Over the weekend, I managed to get to Star Wars Episode II with some friends (one of whom can be found extensively where the Mullets lie). 'How was it' is the first thing everyone asks followed closely by 'I heard that it....' I won't say much about the first other than it was fully what I expected, and more, amazed me, took me to the movie fantasyland that I like to journey to, and didn't suck in any way shape or form. If you 'heard' from someone, decide for yourself.

Nothing definitive yet, but the site may get a fairly massive makeover soon. The current design of these pages was tossed together piece by piece and as has taken shape, I've had a slightly different vision that I want to see. Plus, even though there isn't a ton of content here yet, it's getting hard to add to it and keep it manageable, and if there's one thing I need it's fewer excuses for laziness.

Last update: onward Vapor Trails! We have tickets to see Rush at Riverbend....although we did discuss tunneling in. If you have some spare Ramen noodles, Scott R. could really use them... :D

posted by Mark  5/21/2002 01:01:00 AM

Wednesday, May 15, 2002


The Mullet Returneth!

Today brings embarrassment for some of my friends. Maybe. (Not me, I have no far as you know) I've posted some things from the past over in Mark's Corner for everyone to peek at. Included are the days of Mullets and Mall Hair, and some candid shots of the Turpin band that we all suffered/participated/endured in high school. Man, were we ever skinny. It's all in good fun, so take a peek, grab a hanky (to wipe the tears of laughter from your eyes) and head on over to the new sections. Special thanks to Jer for letting me abscond with his little photo book. My scanner was very busy getting all these things into digital format. Now, if Jer's computer doesn't work properly the next time I'm over there, he'll know it was to filch more pictures for the website. Enjoy, everyone!

posted by Mark  5/15/2002 10:39:00 AM

Monday, May 13, 2002

'I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave...' Fred Howard, May 11, 2002. I think that Jer and I wholeheartedly agreed with that parting remark from Fred to the ladies Saturday night. We were scheduled to see Spider-Man, but it never happened. Who'd have thunk that there would be a Harley convention right near the theatre and all the restaurants would be packed to the gills? Certainly not us. Since Brenda could not stay out late and we were starving, we went elsewhere and cut the time too close. Did we care? No, not really. We instead went to Hopps in Landen and consumed adult beverages, shared stories and laughs, and generally had a GREAT time.

Before I forget, let me recap the attendees: Brenda, Mic, Mark, and Jer, joined at Hopps by Fred Howard, he of the great wisdom imparted on this blog entry. Mic, I swear we will hold you to the statement that 'we should do this more often'. I agree. Just let me check with my wife....LOL....wait, I don't have to do that. That means any holdups will be on your end!! It was great seeing everyone, and I am looking forward to the next gathering. We've more or less decided to eschew the Pelican's Reef since our favorite waitress is no longer employed there, and have settled instead for Adi's on Beechmont the next time we gather: Tuesday, June 4. If someone knows a better place, speak up! This Friday: Star Wars, ho!

posted by Mark  5/13/2002 02:01:00 PM

Friday, May 10, 2002

Lessee.....major updates to the site. For me it's major. Check out the Recent Additions in the bottom right for quick links. You can see what it looks like in the workplace, you can check out my latest project with the car, and there's a new bit up for Windows XP users. The tips are slow comin' but I've made more progress in the last few days than I have in MONTHS! Besides, it's free. All three people that read this blog will get a lot of mileage I'm sure.

Friday, actually today, Alysha gets to go to the cafeteria with her Kindergarten class to prepare for next year and she is charged. Funny how that happens, in a few years she's going to wish she was out of school and these things won't be so exciting. I'm as excited as she is; her enthusiasm is contagious.

Oh Michelle, should you drop by here (and bring my readership to four people) I'm going to harass that round out of you the next time we all go to Pelican's Reef. I have your guilt in me out Jer...

posted by Mark  5/10/2002 01:25:00 AM

Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Your cubby reporter here. Last night I spent in the company of many good friends. Jer neatly summarized the events of the evening, so I won't belabor it too much here, but I *will* list the attendees: Greg & Kelli, myself of course, Scott Merrick, Alison Gruendl, Fred Howard, and Jer & Susan. Nice foot Jer. As for Scott's wisdom about the "colored balloon" - I don't think that's appropriate for the family website. If you really wanna know, drop him a line.

Tonight I should have a few more things up on the site to peruse, among them some pictures of the office and my compatriots here (if you care) and some of the new toy in the car. Mega-thanks to Doug, THE MAN, for bringing in his cool digital camera (I want one now!) and snapping the shots for me.

posted by Mark  5/08/2002 11:11:00 AM

Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Hey all, long time no post or update my part of this site!! anyways, whats new with y'all?... i also saw spiderman, on sunday, and no not with kiddies :) .. i saw it with a female friend (my love) jessica.. we both enjoyed the movie, and yes, we payed attention!!......most of the time...ANYWAYS! yea, it was a really good movie, even if you werent a marvel fan from age 4 ::looks around, who me?:: you'll still understand the movie...even if he made the web shooters!!! in the movie (this isnt a spoiler dont worry) but the web comes out of his wrists, when in the comics he built it...yea yea i need a life ive been told that many times..soon i'll have resident evil for gamecube which involves taking flashbangs and sticking them in zombies mouths and then after it goes off you take out ur gun and...yea you get the point :) that and jessica will soon be taking up all my time...but dont fret i'll still get to this site sooner or later, i have a whole bunch of text and pictures in a folder labled "my junk for" so its ready, i just gotta get off my butt and post it...anyhow, enough from me, keep checking my webcam on here, there will be newer stuff soon, i so promise...later all, go see spidey and rent resident evil (if you are over 18)...if you dont have gamecube, break the system you have and go buy cube, you'll thank me :)

posted by J  5/07/2002 06:15:00 PM

Sunday, May 05, 2002

And now, three weeks later (or something like that) here I am again. Whatta weekend!! I started off the weekend with a bang....and HUGE thank you to Leslie. Not only is she a wonderful girl, she has excellent taste in electronics! If you know me you know what I got and if you don't you can click on that link. The picture's close enough even if it's not on the money. Leslie was kind enough to go with me and help me make up my mind. Actually, she spotted it over in the corner and said "that one" so that's what I ended up with after a short discussion. This means of course that I am now officially poor but I really don't care. Who needs to eat anyway?

Saturday, me and the kids got the car cleaned up real nice and saw Spiderman....oh, whatta cool flick that was. Adam's wearing Spidey shoes as of tonight because of that movie. He's even offered to shoot some web across my mouth (as per a scene in the movie). Kids! I recommend that everyone see this movie....very well done. Very impressive. Time Magazine had some crappy things to toss out but I couldn't see where they were right. Even had my daughter blubbering in a few spots (right alongside me).

posted by Mark  5/05/2002 09:21:00 PM


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